If you have been arrested for a crime in the State of Georgia, generally you will be required to post a bond insuring your appearance in court to answer to the charges against you. The amount of the bond varies greatly and takes into account things such as the nature of the charges, criminal history and  likelihood of flight. Most charges may have a preset bond amount,  however, for more severe charges, the accused will have to appear before a Judge before a bond can be set. In some instances, a Petition must be filed in the Superior Court of jurisdiction as a Superior Court Judge can ONLY set bond on certain offenses.

We work expeditiously and have great success in:

  • Getting a Bond Set
  • Reducing Bond Amounts
  • Obtaining Probation Bonds
  • Appeal Bonds

At the Law Offices Of Sparticus Heyward, PC, we are dedicated defending people who have been arrested on criminal charges. We have the knowledge and skills you need not only to get you out of jail while you wait for your trial, but also to gather the right evidence that will support your innocence in court.

We will fight for your rights and your freedoms no matter what the charge is against you and believe you deserve a zealous defense.