Probation Violations

If you have been put on probation as part of your sentencing, there’s a lot you can and can’t do. The stipulations for probation differ between individuals, and if you slip up even once, you could be headed back to jail. Not completing conditions of your probation, failing to pay or report or being arrested for a new crime are only some of the reasons your probation may be revoked. Most often, defendants charged with probation violations must sit in jail and wait until the probation officer brings them in front of the sentencing Judge, which can sometime take weeks or months, without an attorney intervening to substantially speed up the process or request a probation bond certain circumstances.

Sometimes, we can even prevent our clients from being arrested on a probation violation by walking our clients into court or working out a consent agreement with the probation officer and the prosecution.

Bench Warrants

If you missed your court date, in addition to a possible license suspension, a bench warrant may have issued for your arrest, subjecting you to being taken into custody  at any anytime.  Often this occurs during a routine traffic stop.

Bench warrants usually are none bondable and will require the accused to remain in jail until the case is finally over.

At the Law Offices Of Sparticus Heyward, PC, we will assist you in getting your bench warrant quashed or recalled and help reinstate your bond.

We are committed to supporting you in either circumstance, and have the skills and resources you need to prevail and continue living your life without incident. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your probation violation or your bench warrant. (770) 933-5324.